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An improbable story of survival and love
John Lipscomb ALJ Marketing LLC

Two adults overcome damaging childhoods and addictions to find each other and rebuild their lives together in this affecting debut memoir.

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Diane C. Donovan, Senior Reviewer
Donovan’s Literary Services

It’s rare that a story line which reads like a romance proves to be a nonfiction memoir; but such is the case with The Painting and The Piano, which provides a dual focus on the authors’ backgrounds and different family struggles and the love that finally brought them together. One might anticipate that their family struggles were similar; but in fact Johnny and Adrianne were polar opposites in many ways, as Johnny’s Missouri upbringing of wealth and privilege contrasted sharply with Adrianne’s middle-class Long Island Jewish upbringing.

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stlouisdispatchlogoSt. Louis Post Dispatch Review

Dual memoir paints grim picture of family addictions
By Amanda St. Amand St. Louis Post-Dispatch May 14, 2016

Thank goodness Mother’s Day is a week past, because the mothers most prominent in “The Painting and the Piano” are not the kind who deserve flowers and gifts.

No, the mothers of the two authors, St. Louis native John Lipscomb and his wife, Adrianne Lugo, are addicts at best and atrocious mothers at worst. And they play two of the biggest roles in this dual-autobiography.

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coastalstarlogorgbThe Coastal Star

Books: Rough lives laid bare in story of recovery

Posted by The Coastal Star on June 1, 2016 at 9:00am

By Steve Pike

“I was born addicted to heroin.”

That Garcia Marquez-esque line opens The Painting and the Piano, co-authored by Ocean Ridge residents John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo. The self-published book follows Lipscomb and Lugo from seemingly well-adjusted childhoods through the rock bottom of addiction and finally to lives of discovery, redemption and recovery.

As the opening line of the first chapter implies, The Painting and the Piano is not meant to be an altogether pleasant read. It is, however, a “must read” for anyone whose life — directly or indirectly — has been touched by addiction, a broken family, abandonment and isolation.

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rcr-new-header2Red City Review

The Painting and the Piano by John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo

A memoir detailing the trials and tribulations of two souls experiencing parallel struggles with family and addiction, The Painting and The Piano paints a vivid picture of two lives darkened by pain and loss. The first storyline involves the coming-of-age of the wealthy son of a titan of industry: Johnny Lipscomb. Johnny’s mother and father are both functioning alcoholics—though, sadly, his mother becomes less and less able to cope as his story progresses.

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